MKE – Week 22a – Balance











God’s impressions within and His Word without are always corroborated by His providence around, and we should quietly wait until these three focus into one point. . . . If you do not know what you ought to do, stand still until you do.  And when the time comes for action, circumstances, like glowworms, will sparkle along your path.  You will become so sure that you are right, when God’s three witnesses concur, that you could not be surer though an angel beckoned you on.  — F. B. Meyer

Spending time this week in silence, being still, revealed the above list of words to me.  Words that seemed to resonate within when I read the words of F. B Meyer.  Cause and effect.  When we wait, in silence, and are still and observant, the confidence that we know what we know becomes solid.  But we should try to remember that the path we are on is personal.  It’s designed with us in mind with an outcome… destination…. purpose…. tailor-made just for us.  My journey is not your journey and yours is not mine.  But we know, within — that gut feeling — that this is what is meant to be, where we are supposed to be, the path that was laid out with our name attached to it.  We know because it is revealed to us, step by step, consistently and persistently and patiently.  And we receive confirmation of this in the circumstances that light the way before us, like the glowworms Meyer spoke of, or like runway lights that confirm the coordinates the pilot received from the tower.  We hear it in our hearts or we hear it in the conversations we have with those master mind alliances we are so fortunate to have in our lives, but we will also see it in the events that unfold in our lives.

I’m reminded of Og’s words, as well, in this personal journey and how it affects us from day to day.  More specifically, in others’ journeys, and how their journey may be affecting them.

And with this new knowledge I will also understand and recognize the moods of him on whom I call.  I will make allowances for his anger and irritation of today. . . . . I can withstand his arrows and insults for now I know that tomorrow he will change and be a joy to approach.

We don’t know what others are going through, nor is it our business to judge or project our opinion on their day.  We are the master of our emotions.  Be kind, or as Og says, make allowances for their anger or irrational behavior.  (Not always the easiest task!)  But remember that their journey may be taking them through circumstances that we can never understand.  The only emotions we are responsible for or have control over are our own.

And that is where we find our balance.  In managing our own circumstances.  In being responsible for our thoughts and our actions.  Ours.  Not his, not hers, not theirs.  Balance in what we allow to affect us; balance in where we place our priorities; balance in our decision making.  Balance.  Like the walk of the acrobat on the balance beam, without balance, we will surely fall.




MKE – Week 22 – Doubt I will bury under faith


*ignored the pecking.


*peeked out the window.

Knock-knock…. and then it rudely pushed its way into my space.

That old blueprint.

But I was so sure!  How did I let that happen?  Where did I lose my footing?

All the negative, defeating, confidence crushing questions.

There it was – staring me in the face.  Tormenting and berating me over the commitments of my time, generating a sense of overwhelm.

So, here’s what happened.  A couple of weeks ago, I committed to a women’s Bible study class.  It only meets once a week, but has daily lessons to maintain.  And then, this week, I took a leap of faith in my new-found confidence and determination to be what I will to be, and committed to perform a litany of tasks to participate in a challenge for recognition in our business.  As fun and exciting as it all seemed at the time, I found that old blueprint creeping in, creating doubt and fear and discord.

Law of substitution!  I had to get to work!

Og to the rescue!

I will greet this day with love in my heart…. Adversity and discouragement will beat against my new shield and become as the softest of rains.  My shield will protect me in the market place and sustain me when I am alone.  It will uplift me in moments of despair yet it will calm me in time f exultation.

I will persist until I succeed…. I will avoid despair, but if this disease of the mind should infect me, then I will work on in despair.  I will toil and I will endure.  I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goals above my head.

I will live this day as if it is my last.  I will avoid with fury the killers of time  Procrastination I will destroy with action; doubt I will bury under faith; fear I will dismember with confidence.

I just had to take some time to restore my mind and remind myself of who I am, of WHO’S I am, and as long as I have the will of God within me, nothing will stop me from attaining my goals.  Fear and doubt are no longer a part of my subconscious.  They are not the seeds that will be harvested, for I have planted the seeds of action, faith and confidence and these are the thoughts that will be harvested.  I just had to take a minute to do a little weeding!

Opportunity follows perception, action follows inspiration, growth follows knowledge, eminence flows progress. Always the spiritual first, then the transformation into the infinite and illimitable possibilities of achievement.

But always the spiritual first.

Always back to basics.

Nurture the relationship.  Have the conversation with God – the two-way conversation.


Be still.


I am forever grateful for this amazing journey through the MKE.  Without these tools, this little tantrum would have ended so much differently!

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MKE – Week 21 – Recognizing growth

There have been many days during this course that I found myself saying, “what is wrong with me?”  “Why am I not ‘getting it’?” “Am I really learning anything?”

Not all days, mind you.  But those have definitely been questions I found rolling around in my head on more than one occasion. Some days it felt like the light was on, but nobody was home.  You know what I mean?

But then I began to see things… feel things…. within.  Different.

I found myself making decisions.  Speaking out in group settings.  Not feeling the inadequacies and lacks.  Not feeling the fear.  (Actually, the fear kinda comes after the fact now.  I speak up and feel my heart pounding like, who said that?!?!)  That girl who didn’t ruffle feathers and chose to “go with the flow” is stepping out and speaking up.  Not in an arrogant or obnoxious way, although the old blueprint occasionally wants to apologize for what I just said.  But I push that aside and engage in the action before me.

Haanel tells us that God doesn’t play favorites.  He doesn’t change His mind or get in a bad mood and make a decision because He’s angry at us.  We can’t coax Him or nudge Him or pull on His heartstrings and make Him feel sorry for us.  We are all equal.  We all have the same level of power within.  It’s just a matter of recognizing and it and using it.  I have a friend and mentor who says,

“Knowledge is not power.  Knowledge is potential.  Taking action on the knowledge you possess is power.”

When we begin to realize the inherent power we have within when we become one with the Universal – for me that is with God – the things that happen will be unimaginable.  But it is a process.  I do believe that, when we are fully in His presence, we will receive greater blessings than we can conjure up in our minds.  I recently heard an analogy of being in alignment with God’s plan is like learning to walk on a balance beam.  You have to master the beam with perfect balance and skill before you can learn to do the flips and tricks that are so entertaining.  If you aren’t in perfect alignment, you will fall and get hurt.  You aren’t ready.  So we have to prepare our mind and know within that we are fully and completely ready for what is about to be manifested in our lives.

The Law of Practice —  Persistent practice prevents poor performance.  Are we really ready for the change we are asking/seeking?  Programming our mind for the creative and constructive thoughts is what allows us to be prepared – training our thoughts using the Law of Substitution.  The Law of Relaxation – are we sitting in quiet time to allow mental progression?  Relaxation of thought is the only access to infinite intelligence.

Have you?

Have I?

Yes, but not perfectly.  I’m still “rough around the edges” in some of the exercises.  But I see change.  I see growth.  I am rising above the place where I used to reside and allowing my true self to exist.

Today, I begin a new life.  I greet this day with love in my heart and I will persist until I succeed, because I am nature’s greatest miracle.  I live this day as if it were my last.

Mahalo MKE


MKE – Week 20 – Nurture the relationship

“For in Him we live and move and have our being. As some of our own poets have said, “We are His offspring.” Therefore, since we are God’s offspring, we should not think that the divine being is like gold or silver or stone – an image made by human design and skill.” Acts 17:28-29

Realizing that we are a child of God should be an enlightening prospect.  After all, doesn’t every father want his daughter to have the desires of her heart? But that doesn’t always happen, right?  And my guess would be, for the most part, the lack of this standard (or would it be more of an anomaly?) is a result of a lack in the relationship.  In today’s world, too many parents, especially dads, are estranged.  So, if the dad doesn’t know his daughter and spend time with her on a day-to-day basis, dad just has no clue that she prefers hand tools over barbie dolls and her favorite color is chartreuse. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….

It’s all about the relationship.

We, as humans, forget there is a process to developing the relationship.  It has to be built.  It has to be nurtured.  It requires daily feeding and watering.  But in that process, you can not feed it with anger and expect to produce love; you can not feed it with shame and expect to produce respect.  There is a process to everything in life.  Give more, get more.  But be careful what you give, because that is exactly what you will receive in return.  I imagine that I am not the only person living out the consequences of the a choice made many years ago.  A choice that may have even seemed to be the right thing at the time.  A choice made on our own, in our humanness.

But when we do have that relationship and we nurture it, daily, and we come to the realization that God is within us, only then can we take hold of the power that this realization gives us. Just as the dad who is a part of his daughters life daily, giving attention to that relationship, he can then know the things that will make her happy.  He can then give her the desires of her heart.  But he can then, also, guide her to safety in decisions she might make that are not in her best interest.  He can become her safe haven.  But it all falls back on the level of the attention given to the relationship.  As Haanel tells us in line 20:

20. We can live more abundantly every time we breathe, if we consciously breathe with that
intention. The IF is a very important condition in this case, as the intention governs the attention, and without the attention you can secure only the results which every one else secures. That is, a supply equal to the demand.

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MKE – Week 19 – Questioning myself

To be perfectly honest, I’m struggling with scroll five.

It just has me questioning myself.

Not so much my ability to live this day as if it is my last.  But all of those questions.  Hmmm

Can I take back the evil that was spoken? The blows that were struck?  The pain that was caused?

On the one hand, I think of the “victim” side of those questions, because I had some challenges growing up.  And haven’t we all?  But I have forgiven those people and moved on.  I have buried them forever.

At least, most of them, anyway.

So, the questions have me thinking…. did I really?

The pain, hurt and anger; the condemnation, the control, the manipulation; those are things I have put behind me and don’t want to think of them anymore.  Most of the people who played parts in those times are still in my life and I am able to maintain good relationships with them.  But there are some who aren’t around and I wonder…..

What would I do?  What if they walked up today?

Forgiveness can be a fickle thing.  It’s there if the circumstances are right, but be careful if you put it to the test.

And on the other hand, I think of the “culprit” side of those same questions.  Knowing that I was well into adulthood (maybe even well into MKE) before becoming observant of my own actions, words, attitudes.  Did my words, my tone, my actions mirror those of the ones I hid in my heart?  Who did I hurt?  And can I take back the words or the pain?  No.

So I find myself questioning….


this day is all I have and these hours are now my eternity.

This is my day to excel.

I will live this day as if it is my last.

Thank you Og.

Thank you MKE.


MKE – Week 18 – What are you thinking?

This week I spent some time reviewing Nightengale’s words from The Strangest Secret:

We become what we think about.

A man is what he thinks about all day long.

Act as though it were impossible to fail.

As you believe, so shall it be done to you. (Matt 9:29)

Ask and it shall be given; seek and you shall find. (Matt 7:7)

These are principals we address daily within the Master Key Experience.

Why do we have to be taught these things?

As an infant who wants attention or food or some other immediate need, they persist in their demand until that need is met.  As we grow, we learn that sometimes those demands get knocked down.  Our wants/needs/dreams get beat up, put down, laughed at, ridiculed.  Sometimes from society, sometimes from what we consider our “safe space,” so we put them aside or dismiss them altogether.  Life happens.  And now we no longer allow the thoughts to enter our mind.  The words that knocked them down have now taken their place in our minds.  You can’t. You must be crazy. That’s stupid.  It’s impossible.

But all we have to do is go back to the words that Jesus spoke.  Ask.  Believe.  Trust.  Faith.

The mind is such a powerful thing.  The thoughts generated within, that we allow to grow, creates our life.  Good, bad, ugly.  It initiates within.  As Haanel says in Part 18:

7. And this mind is the indwelling and ultimate.  It is imminent in matter as in spirit.  It is the sustaining, energizing, all pervading Spirit of the Universe.

When we use our mind to develop the relationship with God (for me, the equivalent of the Universal mind) that He desires of us, that relationship establishes our inner truth and beliefs.  When we know that we are loved and accepted, unconditionally, we begin to realize that those dreams were meant to make us the person that the world needs.  We have a purpose in this life and we must give ourselves permission to be that person, dream those dreams, manifest that goal/dream/purpose to fruition.

I know I look forward to seeing mine.

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MKE – Week 17HJ – Pretending?

The question was posed to us this week:

What am I pretending not to know? 

In other words, what are you lying to yourself about?

I’ve had to roll that one around a bit, because….. well, who wants to admit to themselves that they’ve been lying to themselves?  I mean, if I know it, why am I not doing it?  I’m reminded again of Peter’s internal struggle that perplexed him:  

I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. (Romans 7:15)

The first place I landed was exercise.  Physical activity.  Since one of my PPN’s is True Health, consistently participating in physical activity is a vital step in attaining that goal.  So why do I make everything

else the priority?  I justify it in my mind… of course, there must be a good reason!  Mind you, health challenges are part of my reason for pursing True Health, so they are definitely a factor in my daily reasoning of why NOT to go to the gym.  And some of them are warranted.  But not all.

So is that it?  Is that all I’m hiding from myself?  Surely not.

But it required deeper digging.  Soul searching honesty.  Acknowledgement.

Thoughts I’ve probably had before and pushed them aside because they were too hard to hear/think/feel.  Because I didn’t have the tools to properly sort them out.  I didn’t have the confirmation in my heart and mind that I have power and control over those things.  Those things that hold me back from being the unique creature of God that I am!

MKE is empowering me with the ability to be my best self and grow to become the person on the outside that I have hidden safely tucked away on the inside.


MKE – Week 17 – Simple isn’t always easy

As I spent this week with Part 17 of Haanel’s Master Key System, 17:11 kept creeping into my mind.  So, I had to take some time with it.  Break it down.  Find out what it was saying to me.

11.  Concentration does not mean mere thinking of thoughts, but the transmutation of these thoughts into practical values; the average person has no conception of the meaning of concentration.  There is always the cry “to have” but never the cry “to be;” they fail to understand that they cannot have one without the other, that they must first find the “kingdom” before they can have the “things added.”  Momentary enthusiasm is of no value; it is only with unbounded self-confidence that the goal is reached.

I rolled the words around in my head, trying to digest them…. did Haanel really say that people don’t know how to concentrate?  Does he think people are just whinny, lazy souls always wanting, wanting, wanting – never willing to become?

I really felt as though he was being hard on people for being people.

Then it hit me —


Things added.

Matthew 6:33 – But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.

It’s not about the things.

The concentration isn’t about the things.

It’s the relationship.

See, God knows your heart.  He knows the desires of my heart – more so than I even know myself.  And He longs to give us the desires of our hearts – if we just ask.  But we must ask in those moments of concentrated prayer.  But the asking is not the key.

It’s the relationship.

There is always the cry to have but never the cry to be…. there is always the prayer to God to give me this or do this thing or that thing.  There is never the cry to just be in His presence.

We are so selfish as humans.  Self-centered.

It’s the relationship.

There should be no conscious effort to convince God to give to us whatever it is we think we want, but to RELAX in Him – be with Him – establish, nurture, and cherish the relationship.   And in His infinite love, the desires of your heart will be fulfilled.

Sounds simple, huh?

But we struggle with this concept in this life.  That is, until we obtain, and put into practice, the knowledge we are blessed with through the MKE.

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MKE – Week 16 – Floating

Throughout these past 16+ weeks going through the MKE course – spending days with Og, trying to comprehend Haanel – I have found myself advancing and then slipping back again.  Pretty steadily.  It has been an interesting ride so far.

This week, I have been floating.

Exactly what does that mean?

Good question.

When I tried to pull my words together for this weeks blog post, it seemed as though all the words were out of reach.  Some of them I’ve risen above (in a good way – not an arrogant way), and others are still out of reach.  I’m floating in the middle.  Questioning….  Pondering….   You see, Haanel’s words in 16:5 —

“5. Wealth should then never be desired as an end, but simply as a means of accomplishing an end. Success is contingent upon a higher ideal than the mere accumulation of riches, and he who aspires to such success must formulate an ideal for which he is willing to strive.”

have me deciphering (idealization, concentration and visualization) those “end goals” I wrote about in my DMP.  Those “things” I thought I “wanted.”  But as I visualize being in that place, it’s what I see happening there that is my hearts desire.  Not the physical structure that we are in, but the love and harmony of the people inside – the friends, the family, new and old.

Still floating.

On another note, as I participate in our tribe’s marco polos and hear the growth and enlightenment of so many, I am blown away.  And again, I’m floating….  aspiring to have gained the levels of wisdom I hear from them, yet thrilled that I have given myself permission to wear whatever style of clothes I choose.  It seems so menial in comparison, but I know, in my walk…. I have grown.

Not where I desire to be in that walk…. yet, still reaching.

But much further than day one.  Each week I continue to advance.  Once again having risen above where I was, while the goal is still a little further of a reach.  Floating.

But wait…..

What’s this?


I’m soaring………


MKE – Week 15 – New month, new Og

Happy New Year!

Before we move into the new scroll, let me share a slightly altered quote from scroll three:

“I will forget the happenings of the [year] that is gone, whether they were good or bad, and greet the new [year] with confidence that this will be the best [year] of my life.”

I am excited about what 2019 holds!  The tools and growth I have obtained through the MKE thus far has given me a fantastic new perspective to look at life and all it has to offer; but most importantly, how I can be in the driver’s seat and make the decisions on which roads to take instead of letting life drag me around like it’s favorite ragdoll.

The Scroll Marked IV may be my most fond lesson to grasp to date:  I am nature’s greatest miracle!  I am a unique creature of nature.  Og tells us that we have only used a small portion of our brains and our muscles.  I see this as being a result of “life” telling us not to.

Don’t think outside the box

Do what you’re told

Don’t color outside the lines

Do what is expected


Don’t reinvent the wheel

Don’t stand out in the crowd

Fit in

And we’re mocked or chastised – even as children – when we step outside the boundaries of what is normal, expected, allowed, tolerated….

I rejoice in the new-found permission I have given myself to be my unique self!  And I am working daily on discovering exactly who that is and what those decisions might entail.  But excitedly awaiting to see where they lead!

One area of scroll four that I do see myself needing to explore is the need to leave my work at work and my home life at home.  I have been fortunate enough to find a business that my husband (aka Mr. Wonderful) and I can work at together and it is a part of our daily lives.  I honestly don’t feel a need to separate the two.  We enjoy what we do and work well together in that capacity.  Hopefully, Og was in a different place and this does not pertain to me.  But I will keep an open mind as I re-read these words throughout the month and see what wisdom comes to me as I sit with Og on these thoughts.

It’s going to be an awesome year!

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